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Trade Show & Events

Trade Show & Events

Boost event marketing with captivating displays and impactful giveaways from our Trade Show & Events collection.
Drinkware & Can Coolers

Drinkware & Can Coolers

Quench branding thirst with stylish Drinkware & Can Coolers. Customize for lasting impressions with every sip.
Tote Bags & Bags

Tote Bags & Bags

Elevate your brand on the move with our Tote Bags & Bags collection. Practical and stylish options for effective logo showcasing


Light up your brand with captivating Neon and LED signs from our Signs collection. Make a bold statement and enhance brand visibility.
Wedding & Parties

Wedding & Parties

Make your Weddings & Parties unforgettable with our custom Napkins, Coasters, Neon Signs, Shot Glasses, and Tote Bags. Personalize your celebration with our custom products!
Outdoor & Leisure

Outdoor & Leisure

Promote your brand with custom Outdoor & Leisure products. Impress customers with personalized giveaways.


Add fun to your brand with custom Novelties. Impress customers with personalized Ribbons, Pins, Coins, Patches, and Wallets.

The Australia Promo Now Difference

Free Shipping on All Orders

You’re worried about shipping costs. And why wouldn’t you be – you’ve just ordered thousands of promotional items and you know that they need space and fuel to get to you. But worry no more. Australia Promo Now offers free shipping on all orders so the price you pay at the checkout is the actual price of your order.

Amazing Bulk Discounts

We offer order quantities that go as high or low as you want them to go. Only need one promotional item? We’ve got you covered. But if you need to order in bulk, we offer massive discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars!


How Custom Promotional Products Work

You don’t want to spend hours figuring out every little detail of your order. That’s why we make it easy with a five-step process you can complete online:

  • Pick the product (or products) you want to order from our selection.
  • Give us the specifications – materials, type of product, and size.
  • Upload a picture of the logo or artwork you want, along with additional instructions, if needed.
  • Check out your proof so you can make tweaks before approval and production.
  • Relax – we’ll have your promotional products with you in a matter of days.


Soft Plastic Record Coaster - Thank you we love them
PVC Keychain - People love it
Custom Shape - Sticker on cup
Custom Natural Cotton Tote Bag - It was a pop-up event and my customers used this lovely tote bag as a shopping bag
Hard Enamel Pin - Celebrating my 40th Birthday
Embroidered Patches - Bioindustrial manufacturing workshop for professors


It’s tempting to say they can be anything you want them to be!

But the technical answer is just as simple – promo items are products onto which you place your company’s branding (think logos and colours) before selling or giving the item away.

Many companies use custom promotional items as business tools. They’re great for developing brand awareness and, if your brand is strong enough, they can generate a ton of profit.
Profit, brand awareness, and memorability are the three major benefits that business promotional items deliver.

The brand awareness side is simple – everybody who sees your promotional item becomes aware of your brand because it’s plastered all over the product. As for profit, you can use promo items to make money if you have a brand that people care about. For instance, Harley Davidson shirts are essentially promotional products, only Harley gets to make money from them because people love the brand so much that they’ll pay for it.

Finally, memorability.

According to the American Marketing Association, 81% of people keep the promo items they receive for at least a year – more than enough time for your brand to entrench itself in their minds.
Almost anything you can think of can become promotional items with logo attached. At Australia Promo Now, we have over 30 custom promotional products, including coasters, tote bags, t-shirts, and even heavy-duty items, like tablecloths and neon signs. The latter two are great for trade events – they draw attention to your booth and make it easier to get your other promo items into the hands of potential customers.
What’s the point?

That’s the question you should have in mind when choosing which unique promotional items to offer to your target audience. In other words – ask yourself what your audience likes because that’ll lead you to promo products that they’ll use.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say your target audience is athletic people who love to get out and about. They're sporty. They like to be active. That means anything that aligns with their way of life is a good choice – like a flying disc. It’s something that gets them moving because they can play with it. And every throw is a flying advertisement for your brand!
We make this easy for you – just upload your logo or artwork when choosing your promotional item and we handle the rest.

On a more technical level, we add the artwork in several ways, depending on the product and your choices. So, we may print it onto a t-shirt or sew it into a patch. It all depends on the specific item.
There are – both in terms of our discounts on the types of products we offer.

For discounts, you’ll make substantial savings (often several dollars per item) if you order in bulk rather than buying small amounts. That’s great for your budget if you need a lot of promo items at once.

If smaller orders are more your thing, we offer several budget-friendly options, including coasters, shot glasses, and wristbands, that don’t cost a ton but are still effective advertisers of your brand.
We’d argue that you absolutely should use custom promotional products during trade shows and events.


Attendees are bombarded with brands from the moment they walk into these events. They’re not going to remember everything they see when they get home. And they don’t have to if they have promo items from you – the item reminds them of you!
Custom promotional products are perfect for raising awareness of a fundraiser – give a few out in the weeks leading up to the event and it will stick in people’s minds. That memorability means they’re more likely to attend (and your fundraiser makes more money).

You can also sell promotional items during the event itself, meaning they make money for your cause.


This is what some of our clients think about our products

I was a little hesitant to purchase a table cover online, but I'm so glad I did! The website was easy to navigate, and the ordering process was a breeze. The cover arrived quickly and was exactly what I was looking for. It's well-made and looks great on my table. I'm pleased with my purchase!. - Hester Chevalier
These napkins are easy to fold and shape into creative designs. They elevate the table setting. - Kelsie Cork
I ordered a custom mousepad for my work desk, and I'm really happy with it! The mousepad is made of a durable material that is perfect for everyday use, and the design I chose is both professional and stylish. I would definitely recommend Vistaprint to anyone looking for a custom mousepad for work. - Olivia Mitchell
I had a problem with my online order and reached out to customer service for assistance. They were extremely friendly and resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. - Christel Kopec

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