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Custom Gym & Fitness Towels

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15" x 25" $58.26 $30.03 $20.62 $13.09 $10.47 $8.38 $6.71
16" x 27" $58.34 $30.11 $20.70 $13.17 $10.54 $8.43 $6.75
19" x 34" $59.25 $31.02 $21.62 $14.09 $11.27 $9.02 $7.21
24" x 48" $59.93 $31.70 $22.30 $21.33 $17.06 $13.65 $10.92
24" x 50" $60.05 $31.82 $22.42 $21.45 $17.16 $13.73 $10.98
27" x 54" $60.37 $32.14 $22.74 $21.76 $17.41 $13.93 $11.15

A Fitness/Gym Towel is an essential item to bring along when you're working out. During exercise, our primary aim is to eliminate toxins by sweating. Using this Gym Towel makes it easy to wipe away sweat from your face and body while working out, ensuring it doesn't disrupt your routine.

This Fitness/Gym Towel is perfect for individuals who enjoy engaging in various Physical Fitness activities such as running, aerobics, brisk walking, biking, swimming, and other workout routines. It also makes for a great present for your athletic family and friends.

With our Custom Towels, we guarantee you quality that will exceed your expectations. Feel free to message us for specific details you desire for your Fitness/Gym Towels.

Available Sizes:

In Centimetres: 38.1cm x 63.5cm up to 68.58cm x 137.16cm

We are open 24/7 to assist you. You may reach us via the listed options below.
  • You may give us a call at 1800-749-370 or (02) 5127 5299
  • You may send us an email at ##sales_email##
  • You may so our website and hit the chatbox “online”
If you need to make any changes, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. 1800-749-370 No changes can be made to an order once the proof has been approved and the production process has begun.
When an error has been confirmed made by our production staff, we will process the remake exactly as how you originally requested minus any errors that we made at no extra cost.
On each product page, there is a Price Estimator. Just access the product details page of the product you want and select your desired delivery date and an estimated price of your order will appear at the bottom.
Of course! You can Live Chat with one of our employees or call Customer Service at 1800-749-370 or phone us at (02) 5127 5299 to obtain help with your order.
We have plenty of reasons why customers opted to have us to produce their orders. We have rapid production time, rich in experience and professional business, experienced and friendly customer service, the cheapest price you can find on the internet, and strong after-sales service, ensuring the rights of the customers.
Of course, you can. Following are the ways you can place your order: 1. Online 2. On the phone 3. On chat 4. Via email
Production time refers to the period it takes to make your apron order in our production facility. The time is based on business days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
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    Custom Gym & Fitness Towels - Australia Promo Now

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Custom Gym & Fitness Towels - Australia Promo Now

Custom Gym & Fitness Towels

Custom Rally & Festival Towel - Australia Promo Now

Custom Rally & Festival Towel

Custom Golf Towel - Australia Promo Now

Custom Golf Towel

Custom Household and Kitchen Hand Towels - Australia Promo Now

Custom Household and Kitchen Hand Towels

Custom Face Towels - Australia Promo Now

Custom Face Towels

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Custom Bathroom Towels

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Custom Beach & Pool Towels

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Custom Cooling Towels

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Custom Non-Slip Yoga Towels

Custom Hooded Beach Towels - Australia Promo Now

Custom Hooded Beach Towels

Soccer Fan Scarf - Australia Promo Now

Soccer Fan Scarf


Step 2 Select Towel Size

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15" x 25"
15" x 25" - Australia Promo Now
16" x 27"
16" x 27" - Australia Promo Now
19" x 34"
19" x 34" - Australia Promo Now
24" x 48"
24" x 48" - Australia Promo Now
24" x 50"
24" x 50" - Australia Promo Now
27" x 54"
27" x 54" - Australia Promo Now

Step 3 Select Towel Material

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100% Polyester-400g
100% Polyester-400g - Australia Promo Now
Cool Butterfly Mesh-160g
Cool Butterfly Mesh-160g - Australia Promo Now
Warp Knitted Polyester Cotton-400g
Warp Knitted Polyester Cotton-400g - Australia Promo Now
Fine Knitted Polyester-400g
Fine Knitted Polyester-400g - Australia Promo Now
Soft Waffle Fabric-400g
Soft Waffle Fabric-400g - Australia Promo Now
100% Polyester-210g
100% Polyester-210g - Australia Promo Now

Step 4 Select Printed Sides

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Single Side
Both Embroidery and Imprint  is available - Australia Promo Now

Step 5 Select Accessories

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None - Australia Promo Now
Hooks & Grommets
Hooks & Grommets - Australia Promo Now
Elastic Band
Elastic Band - Australia Promo Now
Hanging Loop
Hanging Loop - Australia Promo Now
Hanging Loop & Clasp
Hanging Loop & Clasp - Australia Promo Now
Zipper - Australia Promo Now

Step 6 Select Packaging Preference

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Individual Plastic bag
Individual Plastic bag - Australia Promo Now
Zipper Bag Package
Zipper Bag Package - Australia Promo Now

Step 7 Customize Your Towels

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Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF

Please select Towel color.
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Custom Gym & Fitness Towels

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